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Indiana Haunted Places

As a native of Indiana, I've always been fascinated by the wide array of haunted places that the state has to offer. From the eerie 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil to the chilling Barbee Hotel in Warsaw, Indiana is home to some truly spine-tingling locations.

The 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil

Brazil, Indiana, there is a cemetery known as the 100 Step Cemetery. The cemetery contains headstones dating back to the 1860s, and a legend has developed around it. According to the legend, on a completely dark night, if you climb all 100 steps and reach the top, you are supposed to see a ghost. This ghost is believed to show you a vision of when you will die. If you turn around and walk back to the bottom, counting 100 steps once again, the vision of death will not come true. However, if you do not reach 100 steps, the vision is believed to be an omen of your actual death.

According to further stories, if you choose to walk down the grass instead of the stairs, a hand will push you down, leaving a red handprint believed to be the mark of the devil, on your body for a few days. Legend also suggests that the ghost is the cemetery’s first undertaker.

The Haunted Bridge in Avon

The Haunted Bridge in Avon, Indiana has several legends and stories attached to it. It is believed to have been built around 1906, although some sources suggest that construction started as early as the 1850s. One of the best known stories about the bridge is about a construction worker named Henry Johnson. According to the legend, he fell into a vat of cement and perished. Some versions of the story claim that his coworkers heard him, while others say that his body was not discovered until the next day.

Another tale tells of a young mother who became trapped on the bridge as she was taking her infant to the doctor. Jumping off the bridge was her only option to save their lives. The woman survived, but tragically, the child did not. Shortly thereafter the young mother passed away. Witnesses, today, vow they have heard screams and seen the young mother's ghost walking around the bridge. 

The University of Notre Dame du Lac in South Bend

The University of Notre Dame du Lac is located in South Bend, Indiana and was established in 1842. It is known for its excellence in education and sports.

There have been numerous stories of a ghost haunting Washington Hall over the years. It is believed that the ghost is George “Gripper” Gipp, a former football player. Gipp tragically passed away from pneumonia after sleeping on the steps instead of going home to adhere to curfew.

Some of the reported haunting experiences include unscrewing lightbulbs, the sounds of footsteps, and slamming doors. Additionally, some people have claimed to hear music, such as someone playing the trumpet. The trumpet playing, however, is thought to be unrelated to Gipp.

The Hannah House in Indianapolis

The Hannah House in Indianapolis, Indiana was built by Alexander Hannah in 1858. After marrying Elizabeth Jackson, additional rooms and a wing were added to accommodate the new lady of the house and the servants.

Hannah's house became a stop for the Underground Railroad. Some people have claimed to hear whining and moaning throughout the house. Others have reported smelling a terrible odor in the home without any apparent cause. Some believe these paranormal activities are linked to the rumored death of slaves who perished in a fire in the basement, allegedly caused by a lantern.

The French Lick Springs Hotel in French Lick

As rumor has it, the French Lick Springs Hotel resort is haunted by its former owner, Mr. Thomas Taggart. Locals claim that he is often seen near the service elevator and is accompanied by the smell of tobacco. Some even say that during busy times, he helps by operating the service elevator and has been spotted in the ballroom riding a horse. However, Mr. Taggart is not the only spirit said to inhabit the hotel.

Housekeeping staff report a recurring red stain in a particular room's bathtub, believed to be where a jilted bride committed suicide. Additionally, the sixth floor seems to experience strange phenomena, including shadows, cold spots, sudden rushes of air, phantom footsteps, and disembodied laughter. Strange calls from unoccupied rooms are also frequently received at the front desk.

The Barbee Hotel in Warsaw

The Barbee Hotel in Warsaw is famous for its history of hosting notable guests. In the early 1890s, it was a regular hangout for Al Capone. Consequently, rumors have circulated about the presence of ghosts of various gangsters still residing in the hotel. One common report involves the legend of a gangster's girlfriend being murdered in one of the rooms. Many guests claim to have heard her disembodied screams and experienced cold spots.

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