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Gardening Enthusiasts Gather at Hendricks County Master Gardeners Spring Show in Danville

The Hendricks County Master Gardeners Show, an annual event in its 37th year, is open to the public free of charge. It offers educational sessions, demonstrations, and over 50 vendors and resources that provide advice to make this year's garden the best it can be.

To celebrate the Bicentennial this year's displays will focus on gardening from historical times to the present. Families can receive free vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, as well as free tree saplings. Additionally, there will be children's activities that specifically highlight pioneer life.

As attendees wandered through the venue, they were greeted by an array of exhibitors showcasing everything from the latest gardening tools and technologies, to a wide variety of plants suited for Indiana's diverse climate. The show offered something for everyone, from seasoned gardeners looking to refine their techniques to novices eager to dip their toes into gardening.

The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash. (Farmers Almanac)

The Hendricks County Master Gardeners, known for their expertise and passion for gardening, were on hand to provide valuable insights and advice. Their dedication to educating the community was evident in the various workshops and seminars offered throughout the day. Topics covered included sustainable gardening practices, pest management, and native plant cultivation.

The Indy Times interviewed several exhibitors, gathering insights and tips to share with readers. This initiative aligns with the publication's commitment to supporting small businesses and fostering a community that values sustainability and growth. 

The program offers a structured learning environment for participants to enhance their knowledge of various horticulture-related subjects. Participants are expected to volunteer and assist others in their gardening endeavors by sharing their knowledge and providing leadership and service in educational gardening activities within their communities. 

Over 50 Indiana counties have active Extension Master Gardener programs. Here are some examples of the volunteer activities that Purdue Extension Master Gardeners carry out in local Indiana communities:

The Purdue Extension Master Gardener Program is an educational program offered by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. It was created in response to the need for home gardening information. The program is designed to help Indiana residents learn more about gardening and provide them with opportunities to grow their gardens.

  • Presenting educational programs
  • Working with youth groups such as Junior Master Gardeners, 4-H, schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.
  • Running Q & A booths
  • Participating in Habitat for Humanity projects
  • Establishing community and demonstration gardens
  • Donating produce to local food banks, such as from community gardens, demonstration gardens, and "plant a row for the hungry" initiatives
  • Providing horticultural therapy to the elderly in nursing homes and at-risk youth
  • - Contributing to community beautification efforts

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which Purdue Extension Master Gardeners serve their communities in Indiana.

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